Thursday, May 10

Memories from Childhood pt. 2

In third grade there was this kid that picked on me, I think his name was Travis. I had to sit by Travis during "math hour" and he was kind of a bully to me. He liked to whisper awkward things to me that made me feel nervous and scared haha. One time he turned to me when everyone else was talking loudly and no one could hear him but me, and said "You are a nerd." I said "Am not!" He said "Dont even lie. I know you wear pink barbie underwear and like to watch barney!!!" I turned to him and said "How did you know?!?!!" He just shrugged and just gave me this look like "I just know things." In that moment I was FREAKED OUT, because it was true!!! It was my deepest darkest secret. And the night before I had participated in the very act that he spoke of: Partying in nothing but my pink barbie underwear, watching barney. However I was careful, and about half way through the barney sesh, I closed the blinds because I was afraid people would see, even though I was on the second story, how could they have seen? How did he know? This very thing has haunted me to this very day!! 

It was true though, I was a nerd. A nerd that loved to learn. I remember the day I found out that Don Gaspar de Portola, was the very man who discovered San Francisco Bay, I nearly wet myself with joy. For those of you who dont know who Don Gaspar de Portola is, he was the man that my elementary school was named after. I went to PORT-OLA, portola school (If you haven't heard the song, Ill sing it for you sometime). Very exciting, trust me. After my teacher, Mrs. Rungee made the big reveal of who he really was, I clapped my hand over my mouth and gasped. I was so excited for my friend Emilie Williams to find out too! I knew she would be just as excited as I was. When I got to tell her we both screamed for joy! Best day of our lives.  

Portola was one of the most ghetto/awesome elementary schools you could go to. We were only allowed to go to the bathroom like once a day. And you didn't want to go in the bathroom anyways because it was scary. NO one ever went in there. We also, had all of these red squares on the asphalt, and if you were naughty, you were sent to a red square and had to stand on it for the rest of recess, while every else around you could run, and laugh and play. It was like being banished. And every time the bell rang to go back to class, mrs lowman (with that big wart on her cheek) yelled "FREEZE!" and you had to pretend you were frozen until she told you that you could move again. OH! And Mr. Beitey our science teacher (I before e, except after c, and also in mr. BEITEY, another great song), who made us do all of these inhumane science projects, like dissecting a squid, and than frying it up, and having us eat it. It was the best. 

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  1. Haha!! i love your stories! You're so cool!!!